304 Panerazer



Rata Panerazer subsoilers are designed specifically for use on tractors over 120hp or where the soil to be aerated is particularly heavy. All Rata subsoil aeration equipment with more than 3 legs features a double bar ‘V’ frame construction, this give the user 3 key benefits:

The Rata ‘V-frame’ subsoiler advantage:

  1. Less drag between aerator legs: This makes Rata manufactured subsoilers the easiest aerators to pull, resulting in less fuel burn & less wear & tear to the tractor
  2. Does a cleaner job: When exiting the ground, the legs of a Rata aerator leave the ground independently & not at the same time, this eliminates ‘heaving’ which occurs with straight frame subsoilers.
  3. Lower power requirements: Because there is less drag between Rata aerator legs, they can be pulled with lower horse power tractors than their straight frame equivalents.

Pasture points are a standard feature on the Rata Panerazer range of subsoiling & aeration equipment, however winged feet are available to provide extra ground lift where needed. These are easily swapped due to the modular nature of the Panerazer foot assembly.

Skieths (coulters) are available for pre cutting the ground in front of the sub soiler legs to make a clean job & also reduce wear to the leg. Panerazer legs however are protected by Ni-hard strips.

Rata Panerazers have a standard subsoiling depth of 450mm, depth control is via the turnbuckle roller adjusters & 3 point linkage to work at other depths.

Rata Panerazers are also great for deep ripping prior to planting deep root plants such as Fodder Beet

Panerazer subsoilers remove soil compaction, assisting soil drainage & promoting rigorous root growth.

Subsoil Aeration is proven to increase pasture growth up to 22%, follow the link for more information: Subsoil Aeration Benefits

For tips on effective subsoiling: How to aerate soil effectively



Legs 5 7 9
Working Width (m) 2.5 3.5 4.5
Recommended HP 100 140 180

The Rata Panerazer is the most popular subsoiler in NZ,here’s why:

  • Working depth up to 450mm
  • 500mm leg spacings
  • 150x150 RHS main frame
  • Heavy 16mm linkages
  • 16mm wear protected legs
  • 14mm shear bolt protection
  • V-frame design

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