Auto Reset Panerazer



304 Auto Reset Panerazers are the ultimate subsoiling machine, especially when the soils to be aerated are heavy & full of obstructions.

Being auto reset makes your subsoiling job seamless as the legs simply lift over any obstruction & immediately reset automatically so you can continue aerating your soils without stopping. Leaf spring reset has a great advantage over rams, not only do they require less maintenance, but the legs are at the highest point of resistance while in the ground & resistance reduces as they lift. This ensures the legs to not tip falsely & ensures they do clear obstructions when hit.

Auto Reset Panerazers feature the same ‘V-frame’ design as all other Rata subsoilers with more than 3 legs. V-frame benefits include:

  1. Less drag between aerator legs: This makes Rata manufactured subsoilers the easiest aerators to pull, resulting in less fuel burn & less wear & tear to the tractor
  2. Does a cleaner job: When exiting the ground, the legs of a Rata aerator leave the ground independently & not at the same time, this eliminates ‘heaving’ which occurs with straight frame subsoilers.
  3. Lower power requirements: Because there is less drag between Rata aerator legs, they can be pulled with lower horse power tractors than their straight frame equivalents.

The "V" frame aerator design allows it to be pulled with 20% less hp than you would normally require.

Subsoil Aeration is proven to increase pasture growth up to 22%, follow the link for more information: Subsoil Aeration Benefits

For tips on effective subsoiling: How to aerate soil effectively


Number of legs 5 7 9
Working Width (m) 2.5 3.5 4.5
Recommended HP) 100 140 180

Rata Auto Reset Panerazers are the most popular self resetting aerator in NZ, here’s why:

  • Working depth up to 450mm
  • 500mm leg spacings
  • Heavy 16mm linkages
  • Ni-hard facing on 16mm legs
  • V-frame design
  • Leaf spring reset system

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