Bale Clamp (compact)



Rata Compact Bale Clamps are the ideal attachement for handling your mini wrapped bales! made to suit low hp tractors & handle round or square mini wrapped bales.

Essentially the same design as the standard Rata Wrapped Bale Clamp but just scaled down. A popular attachment among lifestylers, equestrian & other operators who handle mini bales.

Features that make this the best mini wrapped bale handler are:

  • Ideal for compact tractors (25hp to 80hp)
  • Scaled down version of standard Rata Bale Clamp (already NZ's best)
  • Ideal for both round & square shaped bales
  • Soft nudge bars to hold the bale firm
  • Slim arm design to stack tight & get between bales with ease
  • Handle mini wrapped bales without tearing/puncturing the wrap with a fork or busting your back!

Please note 3rd service is required. This clamp is designed for handling mini wrapped bales, not conventional sized bales.


Weight (kg)80

Rata's Mini Bale Clamps are the prefered way of handling small bales, here’s why:

  • Compatabile with low hp or lifestyle tractors
  • Easier than picking them up yourself!
  • Compact Bale Clamps are a scaled down version of the popular 'Rata Bale Clamp'
  • Over 30 years experience

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