Auger Bucket



The Rata auger bucketis an ideal attachment for your front end loader and/or Telehandler, it is specifically designed to handle and mix maize, silage and palm kernel etc. The twin mixing star agitators keep the material from bridging. The auger is hydraulically driven with a powerful motor, the auger chute extends 300mm to the side of the bucket in operation by a hydraulic ram.

In all, this is another quality product from Rata specifically designed to make your feed mixing and handling job's easier!

Available to suit most loaders and telehandlers.

"The Best Partner For Your Machine"


Weight (kg)620
Capacity (m3)1.5

Rata has the most popular Auger Buckets in NZ, here’s why:

  • Twin mixing star agitators - prevents bridging & mixes material
  • Auto extending side chute - feeds out another 300mm from the bucket
  • Powerful hydraulic motor - To feed out most materials
  • Strong folded bucket skin with hard wearing edges
  • Over 30 years experience

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