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Rata Beet Buckets are an ideal and cost effective implement for harvesting root crops like Fodder Beet. By scooping the beet and leaving the soil behind, the roots can then be washed clean with a hose or loaded straight into your trailer. The strong design with 25mm solid bars and a high tensile cutting edge means this bucket will last the test of time & also be used for other tasks. The long, flat and functional design of the fodder beet bucket base combined with standard skids makes this fodder beet bucket easy to use. The buckets can be made to fit to almost any brand of front end loader or Telehandler.

The original "Beet Bucket", the first manufactured in NZ

Beet Buckets enable you to harvest & feed out the exact amount required when transitioning stock onto fodder beet, which is crucial for a succesful transition without losing any stock from rumen acidosis. Simply harvest the Beet & feed it out through the wagon or spread it on the ground for the stock to eat.

For tips on how to make a succesful transition onto fodder beet read the blog: How to transition stock onto Fodder Beet

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Rata Beet Bucket on JCB414



Width 2.4m 2.6m 3.0m
Capacity (m3) 1.3 1.4 1.8
Weight (Kg) 400 430 520

Rata manufactures the best fodder Beet Buckets in NZ, here’s why:

  • Long flat base for ease of use
  • Hardwearing edges and high quality steel
  • Functional design
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Range of sizes available
  • Ability to handle a wide range of Fodder beet varieties
  • Skids included as standard
  • Made from 25mm bar - not pipe!
  • Over 30 years experience

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