Action Mole Plough


Rata Hydraulic Action mole ploughs are designed for fast, efficient sub soil drainage where a suitable clay subsoil is found. Leaving a very clean entry and exit from the ground, the long robust frame with a full floating headstock allows for ground contour following.

  • Optional double headstock for higher horse power machines to pull two mole ploughs at one time, set at 1.8m apart.
  • 'Quickleg' blade design removes the need for any skieths, coulters or pasture pre-cutting devices, this also allows you to turn corners while mole ploughing! See more information here: Quickleg Info
  • High wearing shin and point give the ground engaging parts the life you would expect.
  • Shear bolt leg protection saves the machine from hidden underground obstruction.

Designed to transfer ground water to field tiles or open drains in soils.


Product CodeHYAN
Weight (kg)220
Minimum HP100

Rata has the most popular cultivation gear in NZ,here’s why:

  • Correct placement of componentry
  • Massive strength throughout
  • High build coating
  • Value for money

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