Rata Subsoilers are the most user friendly & easy to use aerators available for sale in New Zealand. Subsoilers otherwise known as aerators are pulled through the paddocks to lift & fracture the soil composition in order to aerate the ground, allowing for deeper & more vigorous root growth.

This conventional subsoil aerator manufactured by Rata & sold through a network of NZ dealers features the same ‘V-frame’ design on machines with 5 legs.

The Rata ‘V-frame’ subsoiler advantage:

  1. Less drag between aerator legs: This makes Rata manufactured subsoilers the easiest aerators to pull, resulting in less fuel burn & less wear & tear to the tractor
  2. Does a cleaner job: When exiting the ground at headlands, the legs of a Rata aerator exit the ground independently & not at the same time, this eliminates ‘heaving’ which occurs with straight frame subsoilers.
  3. Lower power requirements: Because there is less drag between Rata aerator legs, they can be pulled with lower horse power tractors than their straight frame equivalents.

Conventional Rata Subsoilers are designed for tractors up to 120hp, the robust double bar ‘V frame’ & 16mm linkages ensure it endures tough ground conditions while standing the test of time. The easily adjustable 18” coulter skieths pre-cut the grass to leave clean cuts. The rear roller presses the grass back down & also doubles as the depth control in conjunction with the 3 point linkage of the tractor.

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The conventional subsoiler for every farm.


Working width (m)1.352.25
Recommended HP60100

Rata has the most popular Subsoiler for sale in NZ, here’s why:

  • Up to 300mm working depth
  • 450mm leg spacings
  • Ni-hard leg wear protection
  • 12mm shearbolt leg protection
  • 'V-frame' design

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