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Waggy-Tail™ Spreader

Waggy-Tail™ spreaders are the ultimate in high accuracy Oscillating Pendulum spreaders.

The Waggy-Tail™ spreaders delivery chute swings from side to side evenly broadcasting a large range of fertilisers and seeds.

A dispersion cage on the end of the chute helps to disperse the granules for a more even and uniform spread pattern.

A drive system free of gears, belts & chains make this spreader easy to maintain and reduces the chance of mechanical breakdown.


    Model (Code) Description Capacity Spread Width Dry Weight
    795.WT400 Waggy-Tail™ 400 Spreader 400L 6m - 24m 146kg
    795.WT700 Waggy-Tail™ 700 Spreader 700L 6m - 24m 160kg

    Features & Benefits

    Vogal Waggy-Tail spreader drive system

    1 Reliable Drive System
    Waggy-Tail™ spreaders feature this reliable drive system free of gears, belts and chains. This helps to reduce maintenance requirements along with reducing the chances of mechanical breakdown.

    Fertiliser dispersion cage on Waggy-Tail spreader spout

    2 Dispersion Cage
    This dispersion cage at the end of the delivery tail ensures an even spread pattern by dispersing the fertiliser granules as they exit the spout.

    Vogal Waggy-Tail spreader agitator

    3 Hopper Agitator
    Waggy-Tail™ spreaders feature this heavy duty agitator in the hopper base to ensure a constant flow of material, whether it be seed or fertiliser.

    Heavy Duty Hopper of Vogal Waggy-Tail fertiliser spreader

    4 Heavy Duty Hopper
    Waggy-Tail™ spreaders feature a heavy duty UV resistance plastic hopper that copes with harsh New Zealand conditions. Pictures here is the 700L version hopper.

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