203 Centrefold



The 203 Centre Fold provides a choice of four models between sizes 4.26m to 6.1m. The independent contour following wings ensure undulation ground is covered. The vigorous vibrating action of the world famous 'S' tine makes a highly effective means of breaking up furrows and clods. The levelling action of the rear crumbler adds to the effectiveness of the implement giving the speediest operation in preparation of a perfect seedbed.

"The best partner for your machine"


Width 4.26m 4.87m 5.50m 6.1m
Weight (kg) 760830 900 970
Number of tines 4248 52 58

Rata has the most popular cultivation gear in NZ,here’s why:

  • Correct placement of componentry
  • Massive strength throughout
  • High build coating
  • Value for money

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