Agrex KYLO Integrated Weighing Precision Spreader


Top On Precision, Strength and Flexibility

The KYLO fertiliser spreaders have an integrated weighing system and are ideal for the distribution of large quantities of fertiliser and have been especially developed to satisfy the requirements of top category professional operators. The standard hopper has a filling capacity of 1500 litres which can be increased to 2000 or 3000 litres with the simple addition of extensions. The spreading discs make it possible to accurately regulate the spreading width from 12 to 32 metres in relation to the variety of fertiliser used.

Strong structured frame with in-line weighing up to a load of 3000kg. The weighing system is integrated in the fertiliser spreader frame. For working on slopes there is no lateral stress of the weighing cell because the hopper frame and distribution are a single body.

GPS adaptable.


ModelCapacity Max Load Weight Hopper width
KYLO15001500L 3000KG 405KG 2320mm
KYLO20002000L 3000KG 430KG 2420mm
KYLO3000 3000L 3000KG 455KG 2420mm

Agrex - Spreaders with exceptional quality and guaranteed performance...

Optional Equipment-

  • Folding PVC cover
  • Tail lights
  • Mobile deflector
  • GPS Guidance system
  • In-House quality spread testing
  • AVC Painting processes
  • Superior back up servicer

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