Drawbar Hitch / Bale Fork


Tow your Bale Wrapper to the job, drop the tines on the Drawbar Hitch Combo and transport bales to the Wrapper on the rear as well as the front!

  • Fully welded robust construction
  • Strong through welded conus 2 tines
  • Excellent vision of pin when reversing
  • Pull out the pin and adjust the tine position up or down

"Guaranteed to save time in the field"


Weight (kg)110
Tine length (mm) 1100
Capacity (KG) with 32mm dia tow hook 10,000
Capacity (KG) with 40mm dia tow hook 15,000

Rata has the most popular Drawbar/Bale Fork combo in NZ, here’s why:

  • Easy & simple to use
  • Forged spring steel tine
  • High tensile tow pin
  • Replacable tow eye wear plates
  • Over 30 years experience

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