About Us

Learn about how we started, what we do today & the people that have been part of this great journey!

The Rata Story

How we started:
Back in the 80's on a Manawatu family farm, a farmer started to make attachments to use on his loader & also provided engineering services to other manufacturing companies in the area.
Loaders back then were a relatively new thing & not widespread like they are today. Very soon he got a name for making top quality loader attachments & doing top quality work, this meant he became so busy he had to stop farming & start manufacturing full time. The company took its name from the farm it was originally started on (Rata Park) & became known as Rata Industries to reflect the range of services it offered across the agricultural & industrial spectrum.
What we do today:
Fast forward 30 odd years through the 90's, 2000's up to today. Now we are located in the agricultural heartland of Canterbury & have gone on to become New Zealand's leading brand of locally manufactured Tractor & Telehandler attachments. Over those years we also acquired a range of Cultivation & Aeration Equipment & the Vogal brand of fertiliser spreaders, of which we produce & distribute throughout a nationwide network of dealers.
Changes over the years have seen us develop & acquire our own vast range of agricultural equipment, this specific focus in the agricultural equipment sector has lead to our products become known as 'Rata Equipment' today.


Our People

Glenn Walton | Sales Manager

Glenn has been with the company since 1996, starting out in the engineering & fabrication side of things is where he gained his extensive knowledge of farm machinery & equipment. A passion for sales & marketing has seen him lead this part of the business as well as the North Island Sales role.

P: 021 220 9045
E: glennw@rataequipment.com 

Charlie Walton | South Island Sales

Charlie's days in the agriculture sector started when he was growing up on the family farm - eventually going onto have his own in South Canterbury where he farmed Sheep and Deer. Today he does the kilometers travelling the South Island helping our Dealers to supply Farmers with gear that lasts and gets the job done!

P: 021 228 2880
E: charliew@rataequipment.com 


Louis Searle | North Island Sales

Louis cut his teeth in warehousing and dispatch, where he learned how the products go together and gained experience working in the ag sector. Moving up to today, Louis is poised to take over the North Island Sales role, netting him an office desk and comfy chair.

P: 027 615 7542
E: louiss@rataequipment.com 

Sam Searle | Australian Sales

Sam has been with Rata for all his working years. Starting out on the factory floor is where he got his knowledge of the Rata product range and farm machinery. After heading up the marketing department for a number of years Sam is now responsible for the Rata expansion into Australia.

P: 021 220 1327 (+64 21 220 1327)
E: sams@rataequipment.com

Troy Walton | Administration Manager

Troy started with Rata when he left school, he began in the factory where he fabricated everything from Silage Grabs to Mole Ploughs! Today Troy heads up the administration & office at Rata, with an eye for figures & analyzing data, he makes sure everything is running as smoothly as it should be.

P: 021 310 556
E: troyw@rataequipment.com 

Cooper Walton | Marketing & Sales

Cooper's role in Marketing and Sales sees him lending a hand to Glenn & Charlie with their sales work when needed. His role also sees him manage whole goods stock levels in Hamilton & Winchester, schedule items to be built and manage the NZ marketing department.

P: 021 192 5964
E: cooperw@rataequipment.com

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