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Smarter with Rata

Our Mission

Company mission: We design and manufacture attachments for caretakers of the land that need equipment with a high work ethic, endurability and aptitude to get the job done right.

Our Core Values

Service, Deliver and Teamwork

How we started

Back in the early 80's we started to make front-end loader attachments  & also provided engineering services to other manufacturing companies in the area.
Loaders back then were a relatively new thing & not widespread like they are today. Very soon he got a name for making top quality loader attachments & doing top quality work, this meant he became so busy he had to stop farming & start manufacturing full time. The company took its name from the farm it was originally started on (Rata Park) & became known as Rata Industries to reflect the range of services it offered across the agricultural & industrial spectrum.

What we do today

Fast forward 30 odd years through the 90's, 2000's up to today. Now we are located in the agricultural heartland of Canterbury & have gone on to become New Zealand's leading brand of locally manufactured Tractor & Telehandler attachments. Over those years we also acquired a range of Cultivation & Aeration Equipment & the Vogal brand of fertiliser spreaders, of which we produce & distribute throughout a nationwide network of dealers.
Changes over the years have seen us develop & acquire our own vast range of agricultural equipment, this specific focus in the agricultural equipment sector has lead to our products become known as 'Rata Equipment' today.


Our People

Glenn Walton | Sales and Marketing Director

Glenn has been with the company since 1996, starting out in the engineering & fabrication side where he gained his extensive knowledge of farm machinery & equipment. A passion for sales & marketing has seen him lead this part of the business.

P: 021 220 9045

E: glennw@rataequipment.com 

Bronson Crick | Sales Operations AU

Coming from an Engineering background, then into his own manufacturing facility, Bronson has joined the Rata team with enthusiastic passion for helping clients get their hands on some gear for the ground that is built to last. Heading up the Rata Australia facility in Ballarat, feel free to give him a call for some down to Earth advice.

P: 0400 627 073



Cooper Walton | Sales Representative

Cooper's career with Rata has given him great opportunities and experience with a background in factory floor, operations and New Zealand Marketing. Cooper's passion and enthusiasm has lead him to this new role as your North Island Sales contact. Netting him an office desk, comfy chair & tidy ute.

P: 021 192 5964

E: cooperw@rataequipment.com

Josh Green | Sales 

Josh come’s from an engineering and industrial coating back ground. He started at Rata back in 2020 where he ran the painting side of the factory. Josh moved into the sales team late 2023, With a passion for detail and vast knowledge of how things work. He will make sure you get the correct gear for your job.

P: 021 228 2880

E: joshg@rataequipment.com

York Walton | Sales Administration

Joining the family business, York will likely be the first person to greet you when you call in. Passionate about customer service she aspires to make sure you are provided with the right advice, forwarding calls and making sure customers' orders flow through to the factory correctly to satisfy customer needs.

P: 0800 802 478
E: yorkw@rataequipment.com

Holly Irvine | Customer Service

Holly's past experience in a similar industry, such as shed construction, will help bring her great dedication to our customers. Focusing on customer care and sales admin based in our South Island office, and with a background in design, Holly will also be assisting the Marketing team.

P: 0800 802 478
E: hollyi@rataequipment.com

Troy Walton | Commercial Director

Troy started with Rata when he left school, beginning in the factory where he fabricated products. Today Troy heads up the administration & office at Rata, with an eye for figures & analyzing data, he makes sure everything is running as smoothly as it should be.

P: 021 310 556
E: troyw@rataequipment.com

James Holmes| Operations Manager

James started his illustrious career back in the UJK. Drawn by a much less moist climate, James, along with his wife and young family relocated to Ashburton in the early 2000s. Since then he's broadened his knowledge through procurement & production of everything from electric wheelchairs to 110,000 litre fuel tanks.

P: 021 685 112
E: jamesh@rataequipment.com

Adrian Hodgett | Purchasing

Harking from the UK, Adrian is a much needed team player in the role of purchasing, and provides vital updates to both production and sales for the components that Rata's well known products use. An avid soccer fan, Adrian can often be found repping the merch of his favourite team.

P: 0800 802 478
E: adrianh@rataequipment.com



Corinne Wilkinson| Accounts Administrator

Corinne started with Rata in the early 2021 to help take some of the admin workload off Troy. She now handles processing of invoices and making sure the cash flows, performing a much needed service, ensuring Troy is able to fully focus on operations management.

P: 0800 802 478


Peter Walton | Founder

Peter began building all kinds of machinery after he left school back in the late 70s. His passion for fusing metal into usable implements saw him start Rata Industries back on the family farm, Rata Park. After handing over management roles in 2010, Peter is now a valued member of the factory, with expertise and knowledge to burn.

P: 021 220 2148


Bert Walton | Manufacturing Manager

Bert started with Rata when he left school, he began in the factory where he fabricated everything from Cultivators to Seed Drills. Today Bert heads up the factory, where he makes sure your order gets built.

P: 021 245 6167

E: bertw@rataequipment.com

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In the field with Rata: Success stories from farmers

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