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Become the caretaker of your land with farming equipment and attachments designed and manufactured by Rata. Engineered to the highest standards, Rata Equipment specialises in subsoil aeration equipment, fertiliser spreaders, and is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of tractor and telehandler attachments. We’ve been making front-end loader attachments since the early 80s and have gone on to become the leading brand of agricultural implements nationally.
Bale Clamp 770 x 430 22

Tractor & Telehandler

Attachments for 
Tractor loaders & Telehandlers.

600w 304 Panerazer at McRaes 22

Aeration Equipment

A full range of Aeration Equipment, well known for its hard wearing capabilities and long service life.

IMG_0470 22 Cultivator 203 Centrefold

Cultivation Equipment

A full range of Cultivation machinery for use in tough conditions.

TT750 T 22

Fertiliser Spreaders

The Vogal brand provides 
a full range of spreaders for fertiliser, magnesium & slug-bait.

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The 304 Panerazer.
NZ's leading
Subsoil Aerator

Hear what these West Coast farmers have to say.

Power Claw.

NZ & Australia's strongest tractor grapple.
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What Our Customers Have To Say

_DSF4854 Ben Scott

I'm impressed with the results these discs give, they contour the ground & hills while staying in the ground actually disking, even in this harder, dryer stony ground so I'm pretty pleased.

Hydraulic cut adjustment is awesome as you can adjust it on the go.

Great product & machine!

Ben Scott, Contractor

Offset Discs
Jono Doig

Due to the size of the operation we really need gear we can rely on to get the job done.

We have a range of Rata Equipment from Pallet Forks & Bale Forks, also about 13 or 14 Grabs across the range of our dairy farms.

Jono Doig, Dairy Support Manager

Silage Grabs
Frank Archer - Landfall Farms Tasmania

We're in our second year of operation with the Rata Beet Bucket now.

We've just been transitioning some weaner heifers to beet over the past few weeks so it’s been getting a lot of work just recently, it certainly saves us a lot of time and particularly a lot of man hours, so all in all the buckets done exactly what we asked of it.

Frank Archer, Landfall Farms Tasmania

Beet Bucket
Dan Jackson, Jackson Dairys

I got hold of Rata when I needed a Silage Grab, Forks & Quick Hitch. From past experience I had been impressed with the durability & simplicity of the gear. The Silage Grab has performed very well & the Quick Hitch makes the job so much easier, this one is well up there! Very high rated - so I can virtually pick up any load.

They’ve definitely helped me out!

Dan Jackson, Jackson Dairys

Silage Grabs
Gareth, Stratford Farms

We do about 4,000 individual wrapped bales per year, so its important to us to have Rata softhands to handle them, as they are really reliable, they don’t break & are definitely the best brand we’ve ever used!

Because we've found Rata gear to be so reliable we also have multiple sets of their Bale Forks & Versatile Grapples as well!

Gareth, Stratford Farms

Bale Clamps
Tony West

I bought a Rata Panerazer a bit over a year ago & have had great results out of it. Crops seem to get established earlier & also hang on for longer when its dry. We’ve also found when we have heavy rains & would normally get a bit of scouring… where we’ve used the Panerazer there’s been no run off at all.

It’s a great bit of kit!

Tony West, Marlborough Farmer

304 Panerazer

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