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Beet Bucket

Rata Beet Buckets scoop the beet and leave the soil behind so the roots can then be washed clean with a hose or loaded straight into your trailer. The 25mm solid bars and a high tensile cutting edge means this bucket will last the test of time. The long, flat and functional design of the fodder beet bucket base combined with skids as standard makes this fodder beet bucket easy to use.

The original "Beet Bucket", the first manufactured in NZ


    Model (Code) Width (m) Capacity (m³)
    RB260 2.6 1.4
    RB300 3.0 1.8

    Features & Benefits

    High Tensile Cutting edge & Solid Bar

    1 Solid Bars & Cutting Edges
    Rata Beet Buckets feature high tensile cutting edge & 25mm solid steel bars (not pipe). High tensile cutting edge increases the wear resistance & helps to keep the bucket rigid, solid steel bars means you can use it for more than just beet!

    Adjustable Skids on Rata Equipment Beet Buckets

    2 Adjustable Skids
    Rata Beet Buckets come complete with standard ground skids, this help to keep the bucket flat & stable when pushing & prevent 'nose dives'. Being adjustable also ensures you can customise the angle of the bucket to suit the condions.

    Gaps between the bars of  Rata Beet Bucket leave clean & dirt free crops behind

    3 Excellent Dirt Flow
    Rata's Beet Bucket design allows for excellent flow of dirt through the bucket when pushing - It has no obstructions to the flow at the rear such as cross bars etc that prevent this. The dirt free crop when lifted means you can feed it out straight away.

    Stepped Tines of Rata Fodder Beet harvesting buckets allow better user control

    4 Stepped Tines
    The stepped tines of Rata Beet Buckets allow for greater user control & make it easier to operate whilst maximising the quality of the harvesting job by keeping the leading edges of the tines as close to the ground as possible.


    Frank Archer - Landfall Farms, Tasmania

    We're in our second year of operation with the Rata Beet Bucket now.

    We've just been transitioning some weaner heifers to beet over the past few weeks so it's been getting a lot of work recently, it certainly saves us a lot of time and particularly a lot of man hours, so all in all the buckets done exactly what we asked of it.

    Frank Archer, Landfall Farms Tasmania
    Grant Moore - Beet Bucket

    This is my Rata Beet Bucket I purchased a bit over a year ago, I use it for pulling out fodder beet & it does a nice clean job. I also use it for a bit of firewood & picking up the odd down cow to take to a nice warm place.

    I'm very impressed with it, Thanks Rata!

    Grant Moore, Farmer

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