Baitmax (Slug Bait Spreader)

The Vogal Baitmax is a 12 volt bait spreader for arable slug bait spreading - helping farmers to elimate slugs & increase their pasture & crop yields.

It's built heavy duty from the ground up with an all stainless steel frame, heavy duty UV resistant hopper and lid and a protective casing surrounding the motor. Adjustable disc angles and variable spread rates make it a flexible slug bait spreader/ broadcaster.

Mounting can either be on the back of your quad or seed drill, with a spread width of 12m to 18m

Its grass seed spreading capability ads further versatility for when you need to top up those 'thin' patches.

An auto on/off kit is available for when mounting to seed drills, this automatically turns the spreader off when the drill/seeder is out of the ground at headlands etc & turns it back on when its back in the ground, saving you a job & preventing wastage of bait.


    Why the Baitmax?

    7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Up to 18 metre spread width7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Application rates of 2-20kg/ha 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Adjustable disc angle 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Protective casing for main motor 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Stainless steel frame 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028UV resistant plastic moulded lid 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Complete with wiring loom & controller

     The Baitmax is specifically designed for the spreading/broadcasting of slug bait & similar products at low application rates.
    The electric  shutter motor action automatically stops when it reaches either the fully closed or open position to ensure longevity. Predrilled holes on the stand make for easy mounting on flat or vertical surfaces (ie. on the back of a quad or air seedery).




    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    ‘Having been perfected in more than 20yrs of manufacturing, the principal mistakes that you don’t think about when purchasing have already been eliminated’.



    Model (Code) Capacity (L) Max Spread Width (m) Dry Weight (kg) Application Rate (kg/ha) Minimum Mounting Height (mm) (spinner disc to ground)
    795.BM45 45 18 18 2 - 20 800
    Note: Optional Auto On/Off kit available for Seeders & Drills  

    Features & Benefits

    Heavy UV resistant plastic hopper of Vogal Baitmax

    1 Heavy Duty Hopper
    Vogal Baitmax hoppers are made from thick heavy duty UV resistant plastic to hope with the harsh extremes in the New Zealand environment.

    Stainless steel frame and 12V electric motor on Vogal Baitmax slug bait spreader

    2 Stainless Steel Frame
    The heavy duty stainless steel frame of the Vogal Baitmax ensures great strength along with high corrosion resistant properties, mounted onto the frame is the powerful 12V electric motor that powers the Baitmax spinner.


    Auto on/off kit

    1 Auto On/Off

    When the Vogal Baitmax is to be mounted on Seeders and drills an optional proximity sensor is available that switches the spreader on and off automatically, this saves bait when the drill is out of the ground at headlands.


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