Vogal SX045 Spare Parts Breakdown

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Also known as Vogal Mag 45, Mag 30

Exploded Parts Diagram

SX045 Exploded Diagram


Maintenance Specifications

No maintenance required

Table of Parts

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No. Photo Code Description Notes
1 1795 1795 Hopper and Lid Yellow Hoppers and lids also available separately
2 2715 2715 Serial Number Plate  
3 M BM45 M BM45 Baitmax User Manual  
4 RATA30 RATA30 Vogal Warranty Sticker  
5 5713 5713 12V Motor Baitmax If the motor has a PVC sleeve around it, its the old motor and will need the motor mounts as well.
6 5714 5714 12V Actuator Baitmax  
7 5716 5716 12V Controller Baitmax  
8 5701 33 5740 Agitator Bush Baitmax  
9 5741 5741 Spinner Disc Mount Baitmax  


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