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Redefining Cultivation: Introducing the Rata Range

Discover the pinnacle of efficiency, innovation, and versatility in cultivation machinery with the Rata cultivation range. We are at the forefront of redefining soil preparation and cultivation processes, elevating productivity for farmers and agricultural professionals. Our cultivators are meticulously designed to meet the specific demands of diverse crops and soil types, providing cost-effective solutions that yield high-quality results.


Cultivators for All Conditions

The Rata range of cultivators covers just about every surface-breaking scenario. From trailing maxitills to solid centrefold maxitills, there is a size and specification to suit your needs.

Our cultivators are made from top-tier components and are designed and built to last. So you can do a better job faster, saving time, fuel and maintenance.


Precision Discs for Optimal Seedbed

Our precision discs utilise cutting-edge technology to cut through soil accurately, leaving behind an ideal seedbed for optimal crop growth.

From our new range of offset discs, with a focus on frame strength, to tandem discs, renowned for their strength and durability, through to our rugged, versatile horticultural discs - ideal for vineyards and orchards- our gear is loaded with features that will help you break the toughest ground with ease. 


Robust Rollers

Designed to consolidate soil and create a firm seedbed, the Rata Breaker Ring Roller is loved for its simple yet rugged design. Equipped with quality roller and breaker rings, this roller efficiently prepares the ground in just one pass, leaving it firm with free drainage to enhance moisture retention and suppress weeds. The varying diameters and speeds of the rings minimise soil sticking, ensuring smooth operation even in wet conditions. 


Innovative Design Philosophy

Innovation is the cornerstone of our design philosophy at Rata Equipment. Our cultivators boast user-friendly operation, easy maintenance, and adaptability to evolving farming practices. We take pride in introducing features that enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our cultivation gear.


Increase pasture growth by 20%

Download this catalogue to see how you can increase pasture growth with more aerated soils.

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