Rata 904 Grubber

904 Grubber

Designed for primary cultivation, the larger 'coil' tines dig straight into the ground, proving to be very effective in breaking up pugged and heavy paddocks.

The 904 Grubber is avaliable from 1.6m to 2.5m in the Vineyard range, and 3.0m to 4.5m in the Standard range.

Simple, yet rugged construction is guaranteed to last the test of time.

"Have owned it for 30 years, and would reccomend it to anyone. The key lies in the simple yet very robust design."


    Model (Code) Width (m) Number of Tines Tine Spacing (mm) Category
    904C16 1.60 7 230 Vineyard
    904C18 1.80 9 230 Vineyard
    904C20 2.00 10 230 Vineyard
    904C21 2.10 10 230 Vineyard
    904C25 2.50 11 230 Vineyard
    904C30 3.00 13 230 Standard
    904C35 3.50 15 230 Standard
    904C40 4.00 17 230 Standard
    904C45 4.50 19 230 Standard

    Specifications (504 Grubber Options)

    Code Description
    SG Side Guards (Pair)
    LW Land Wheels (Pair)
    RDB Rear Draw Bar

    Features & Benefits

    Heavy duty coil tines on Rata 504 Grubber - Rata Industries - Rata Equipment

    1 1" Coil Tines
    Heavy duty 1 inch coil tines are more than strong enough to break up the heaviest grounds and pugged paddocks. These heavy coil tines are secured with thick 16mm steel plate clamps and four strong bolts.

    Hydraulic Wing lift on 504 Grubber - Rata Industries - Rata Equipment

    2 Hydraulic Wing Lift
    The wing lift on the 504 Grubber is powered by two large NZ made hydraulic rams which are simple and easy to control. This adds to the 504's user friendly design.

    Wing wheel depth control on the Rata 504 Grubber

    3 Adjustable Wing Wheels
    504 Grubbers come standard with wing wheels for greater contour following. These wing wheels area also adjustable for enhanced depth control, enabling the operator to easily alter the tine depth.

    Turnbuckle crumbler adjustments

    4 Crumbler Adjustments
    Rear crumbler adjustments (or finger tine if chosen) are easily adjusted via turn buckle adjusters mounted to the rear of the main cultivator frame. This provides a simple way to control the rear crumbler working depth.

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