813 Centrefold Maxitill

The big brother to the 203 Centrefold, the 813 Mounted Centrefold is designed for greater trash clearance.The 50 x 10mm tines with Ni Hard points are spaced at 125mm apart giving excellent trash flow.

The heavier 65 x 65 x 6mm box section frame gives greater strength throughout the independent contour following wings which ensures all undulating ground is covered.

Centre ridging is eliminated with construction being made up of three sections. With the levelling action of the rear crumblers adding to the effectiveness of the machine, you get a better job faster, saving on fuel and maintenance.

Rear Finger tines are option


    Model (Code) Working Width Weight (kg)  Number of Tines Tine Spacing (mm)
    813CF16 4.87m (16ft) 1030 38 125
    813CF18 5.50m (18ft) 1,100 43 125
    813CF20 6.10m (20ft) 1,170 52 125

    Specifications (813 Maxitill Options)

    Code Description
    WIWH Wing Wheels
    RTH Rear Tow Hitch

    Features & Benefits

    Heavy Duty Headstock on linkage mounted Rata Maxitills

    1 Heavy Duty Headstock
    813 mounted maxitill's feature a compact and rugged headstock to cope with harsh conditions. Wing holder arms to secure the cultivator wings when not in use are build into the headstock.

    Hydraulic wing lift on a Rata centrefold maxitill

    2 Hydraulic Fold
    The hydraulic fold on the 813 Maxitill is powered by a single large high quality and fast acting NZ made hydraulic ram, adding to the user friendly features of the 813.

    Wing flotation toggle on Rata Maxitill

    3 Wing Flotation Toggle
    Wing flotation toggles on Rata centrefold cultivators enable the wings to float and move vertically and independent of the centre frame, this ensures 100% ground coverage as the wings are able to cover the contours better.

    Ni-hard points on Rata 813 maxitill

    4 Ni-hard Points
    Rata 813 Centrefold Maxitill's feature high wear resistant Ni-hard points for long life and high durability. These ni-hard points are mounted on world leading 50 x 10 'S' tines. 

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