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Offset Discs

After extensive development and field work, the Rata Offset Discs range have been released onto the market. Frame strength being a key focus, the design includes features like: huge 50mm high tensile pivot pins, 9mm wall RHS, large 40mm square 4140 grade axles and triple sealed roller bearings just to name a few.

Rata Discs are based on the original 'Willett' design!


    Why The Offset Discs?

    7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Extremely heavy duty build 7334e36a-redtick_10000000000000000000281 1/2 Axle size 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Hydraulic lift transport wheels 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Independent set adjustment 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Hydraulic drawbar as standard 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Rear tow bar 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Plain or scallop blades 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Heavy duty scrapers 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Triple sealed roller bearings (stronger and tougher than standard castings) 7334e36a-redtick_100000000000000000002850mm high tensile pivot pins

    Originating from Willett, the Rata Offset discs have over 85 years of excellent reputation breaking New Zealand's toughest ground. They feature an extremely heavy duty build for the toughest applications.



    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    ‘Having been perfected in more than 20yrs of manufacturing, the principal mistakes that you don’t think about when purchasing have already been eliminated’.



    Model (Code) Working Width (m) Weight (kg) Blade Size (inch) Number Of Blades Minimum HP
    OS32-24 3.1 3,100 24 30 110
    OS32-26 3.1 3,400 26 28 130
    OS36-26 3.4 3,650 26 32 150

    Features & Benefits

    Heavy Duty Scrapers

    1 Heavy Duty Blades & Scrapers
    Rata Disc Cultivators feature heavy duty scrapers to cope with demanding conditions to keep the Blades clean at all times. Disc blades are made from high quality high carbon steel & are available in either 6mm or 8mm thick.

    Heavy Weight of Discs

    2 Heavy Disc Weight
    Rata Offset Discs are built heavy to penetrate almost any ground. With up to 3,650 kgs of disc weight available the Rata Offset discs are among the heaviest in their class, owing to the extremely heavy build.


    Ben Scott - Rata Offset Discs Testimonial

    I'm impressed with the results these discs give, they contour the ground & hills while staying in the ground actually discing, even in this harder, dryer stony ground so I'm pretty pleased. Being a heavier weighted disc they bite into the harder ground really well.

    Hydraulic cut adjustment is awesome as you can adjust it on the go.

    Great product & machine!

    Ben Scott, Contractor

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