Horticultural Discs

After extensive development and field work, the Rata Horticultural Discs have been released to the market. Built for both versatility and strength, Rata Mini  3PL Offset Discs are ideal for vineyards and orchards where space is at a premium, being just 1.6m wide.



    Model (Code) Working Width (m) Weight (kg) Blade Size (inch) Number Of Blades Minimum HP
    OS16-22 1.6 ~800 22 16 55

    Features & Benefits

    OS22-16 Blade Scraper Z 2

    1 Heavy Duty Blades & Scrapers
    Rata Disc Cultivators feature heavy duty scrapers to cope with demanding conditions to keep the Blades clean at all times. Disc blades are made from high quality high carbon steel & are available in either 6mm or 8mm thick.

    OS16-22 Front gang from rear

    2 Heavy Disc Weight
    Rata Offset Horticultural Discs are built heavy to penetrate almost any ground. Rata Hort discs are among the heaviest in their class, owing to their extremely heavy build.

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