Rata 920 Maxitill

920 Maxitill (Roto-tiller)

The Rata 920 Maxi Till is simply famous for its rugged compact design, heavy flat bar crumblers and turnbuckle depth control.

The world leading tines used on the 920 Maxi Till vibrate backwards, sideways and forwards at a constant preset depth giving you a uniform seed bed.

The leveling action of the rear crumbler roller, adds to the effectiveness of the implement making this Maxi Till an excellent asset.


    Model (Code) Width  Number of Tines Tine Spacing (mm) Category
    920MT15 1.50m (5ft) 15 100 Vineyard
    920MT18 1.8m  (6ft) 17 100 Maxitill
    920MT20 2.0m (6.2ft) 19 100 Maxitill
    920MT24 2.4m (8ft) 23 100 Maxitill
    920MT30 3.0m ( 10ft) 30 100 Maxitill
    920MT35 3.5m (11.6ft) 33 100 Maxitill
    Note: Rear finger tines available in lieu of crumbler

    Specifications (920 Maxitill Options)

    Code Description
    SG Side Guards (pair)
    RTH Rear Tow Hitch

    Features & Benefits

    Vibrating S tines on Rata maxitill

    1 Vibrating S Tines
    S tines on the 920 Maxitill vibrate backwards, sideways and forwards while in the ground, this gives you a uniform and even seed bed ready for seeding.

    Crumbler adjustment on Rata 920 maxitill

    2 Crumbler Roller
    The leveling action of the rear crumbler roller finishes off the job and breaks down any large clumps of soil. This rear crumbler roller is also adjustable, allowing you to alter the working depth.

    IMG_2124 CC

    3 Simple Linkage System
    Mounting linkages on the 920 are simple and easy to use, allowing for fast hitching and de-hitching.

    Standard tine point

    4 Reversible Points
    The standard points on Rata 920 Maxitills are reversable and hard wearing, this gives all tine points a long working life helping to reduce the overall cost of operation

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