304 Panerazer

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Rata Panerazer subsoilers are designed specifically for use in ground where compaction has occurred. All Rata subsoil aeration equipment with more than 3 legs features a double bar ‘V’ frame construction for a better job and easier pulling.

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    Model (Code) Number of Legs Working Width (m) Max Working Depth (mm) Recommended HP
    304P5RPP 5 2.50 450 120
    304P7RPP 7 3.50 450 150
    304P9RPP 9 4.50 450 190
    Note: Winged foot in lieu of pasture point available

    Features & Benefits

    DJI_0004 Panerazer 22

    1 V Formation
    Rata Panerazer leg are in a 'V' formation, this reduces drag between the legs making it easier to pull and uses less fuel. V formation also means the legs leave the ground independently at the headlands which eliminates 'heaving'

    20180724_162254 Heavy Duty Frame 22

    2 Heavy Duty Build
    Rata Panerazers feature a heavy duty build, the 16mm wear protected legs are securely bolted into mounts that are completely welded and gusseted onto the heavy RHS mainframe for strength.

    Depth control adjusters on Rata Panerazer soil aerator

    3 Depth Adjustment
    Working depth on the 304 Panerazer is easily controlled via the rear roller setting and tractor 3 point linkage. The rear roller is secured to the main aerator frame with heavy machine pins

    IMG_6831 Roller (1)

    4 Roller Bearings
    The rear roller on the 304 Panerazer is securely mounted into a sealed bearing to ensure smooth operation with minimal wear. The roller is also kept clean by a scraper mounted just behind.


    Tony West

    I bought a Rata Panerazer a bit over a year ago & have had great results out of it. Crops seem to get established earlier & also hang on for longer when its dry. We've also found when we have heavy rains & would normally get a bit of scouring... where we've used the Panerazer there's been no run off at all.

    It's a great bit of kit!

    Tony West, Marlborough Farmer
    Kakahu Farm Panerazer

    We do about quarter of the farm each year and have been for the last 10 years. Makes a huge difference. Did one whole farm in January after the very wet late spring here in south Otago. Results were outstanding even after a month.




    Chris Stirling, Clydevale Farmer

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