Rata Panerazer Aerator at work in dry soils

304 Panerazer

Rata Panerazer subsoilers are designed specifically for use on tractors over 120hp or where the soil to be aerated is particularly heavy. All Rata subsoil aeration equipment with more than 3 legs features a double bar ‘V’ frame construction, this give the user 3 key benefits:

The Rata ‘V-frame’ subsoiler advantage:

  1. Less drag between aerator legs: This makes Rata manufactured subsoilers the easiest aerators to pull, resulting in less fuel burn & less wear & tear to the tractor
  2. Does a cleaner job: When exiting the ground, the legs of a Rata aerator leave the ground independently & not at the same time, this eliminates ‘heaving’ which occurs with straight frame subsoilers.
  3. Lower power requirements: Because there is less drag between Rata aerator legs, they can be pulled with lower horse power tractors than their straight frame equivalents.

Pasture points are a standard feature on the Rata Panerazer range of subsoiling & aeration equipment, however winged feet are available to provide extra ground lift where needed. These are easily swapped due to the modular nature of the Panerazer foot assembly.

Skieths (coulters) are available for pre cutting the ground in front of the sub soiler legs to make a clean job & also reduce wear to the leg. Panerazer legs however are protected by Ni-hard strips.

Rata Panerazers have a standard subsoiling depth of 450mm, depth control is via the turnbuckle roller adjusters & 3 point linkage to work at other depths.

Rata Panerazers are also great for deep ripping prior to planting deep root plants such as Fodder Beet


Panerazer subsoilers remove soil compaction, assisting soil drainage & promoting rigorous root growth.

Subsoil Aeration is proven to increase pasture growth up to 22%, follow the link for more information: Subsoil Aeration Benefits

For tips on effective subsoiling: How to aerate soil effectively


    Model (Code) Number of Legs Working Width (m) Max Working Depth (mm) Recommended HP
    304P5RPP 5 2.50 450 125
    304P7RPP 7 3.50 450 150
    304P9RPP 9 4.50 450 190
    Note: Winged foot in lieu of pasture point available

    Features & Benefits

    Rata Subsoil Aerator V frame

    1 V Formation
    Rata Panerazer leg are in a 'V' formation, this reduces drag between the legs making it easier to pull and uses less fuel. V formation also means the legs leave the ground independently at the headlands which eliminates 'heaving'

    Heavy duty build of Rata Panerazer Subsoil Aerator

    2 Heavy Duty Build
    Rata Panerazers feature a heavy duty build, the 16mm wear protected legs are securely bolted into mounts that are completely welded and gusseted onto the heavy RHS mainframe for strength.

    Depth control adjusters on Rata Panerazer soil aerator

    3 Depth Adjustment
    Working depth on the 304 Panerazer is easily controlled via the rear roller setting and tractor 3 point linkage. The rear roller is secured to the main aerator frame with heavy machine pins

    Rear Roller Bearing

    4 Roller Bearings
    The rear roller on the 304 Panerazer is securely mounted into a sealed bearing to ensure smooth operation with minimal wear. The roller is also kept clean by a scraper mounted just behind.


    Tony West

    I bought a Rata Panerazer a bit over a year ago & have had great results out of it. Crops seem to get established earlier & also hang on for longer when its dry. We've also found when we have heavy rains & would normally get a bit of scouring... where we've used the Panerazer there's been no run off at all.

    I's a great bit of kit!

    Tony West, Marlborough Farmer

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