How does Subsoil Compaction Occur?

What are the major factors that cause subsoil compaction?

How Subsoil Compaction Occurs

Sheep and Cows

1 Stocking Paddocks

Simply running livestock on your paddocks increases soil compaction and decreases beneficial soil micropores through the animal's weight applying pressure to the soil. Some livestock cause more compaction than others.

Baler in Operation

2 Machinery

This is why tyre pressures are so important when driving on productive ground. Ground pressure is heavily influenced by tyre pressures. You have control of how much compaction you are causing when working in your fields.

Rata 803 Vari-width 380w

3 Plough Pans

Repeated tillage using soil inversion implements at a constant depth creates a layer of compacted soil below the working depth of the equipment. This inhibits transfer of subsoil moisture and root growth, increasing vulnerability to droughts and deluges.


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The Effects of Subsoil Compaction

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