How Subsoil Compaction doesn't help you


1 Why Aerate the Subsoil?

Aerating the soil with a Subsoil Aerator effectively eliminates compaction right from the topsoil to deep into the subsoil, helping to heal the soil fertility to its original state, increasing water retention, drainage & fertiliser uptake.

Subsoil Aeration - an in-depth article

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2 What is Compaction?

Compaction is the breaking down of healthy soil structures into one hard packed mass, which responds very little to fertiliser application & inhibits vertical root growth.

The Effects of Subsoil Compaction


3 How Does Compaction Occur?

Compaction occurs when machinery or livestock exert force on wet soil. This breaks down the aggregates in the soil, destroying macropores and effectively cutting off water & nutrient supplies to the subsoil.

How Subsoil Compaction Occurs


4 Soil Micro & Macroporosity

Soil Micropores are tiny fissures in the soil, invisible to the naked eye. These hold plant available water in the soil. Soil Macropores are cracks in the soil, visible to the naked eye, that allow the transmission of water and nutrients to Soil Micropores, and provide habitat for soil microbes.

What is Soil Porosity?

Soil Aeration Guide

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