Rata Wrapped Bale Clamp

Bale Clamp

The Rata Wrapped Bale Clamp (soft hands, bale grabs or bale handlers) is the most popular wrapped bale handler for sale in NZ, by being able to handle & transport two bales at once & not damage the wrap.

This top of the range wrapped bale grab ensures the softest handling of your bales whilst providing firm clamping pressure. Rata Wrapped Bale Clamps are manufactured to fit onto any Tractor or Telehandler you have!

    This Product Qualifies for Instant Asset Write Off

    The NZ Government has recently passed legislation that temporarily increases the low-value asset threshold for depreciation from $500 to $5,000 until 16th March 2021.

    Source: ird.govt.nz


    Model (Code) WBC001
    Open Width (m) 2.1
    Weight (kg) 240
    Lift Capacity (kg) 2,100

    Features & Benefits

    Bale Clamp Features (3)

    1 Heavy Duty Build
    Rata Bale Clamps incorporate several features to make them the toughest Wrapped Bale Grabs on the market. Heavy duty steel plate & gusseting such as the above picture ensure great reliability & high lift capacity!

    Bale Clamp Features (1)

    2 Greasable Equaliser Bar
    All Rata Wrapped Bale Clamps come standard with an equaliser bar to ensure synchronized hand movement. Equaliser bars on Rata Bale Grabs are also greaeable to ensure a long life & avoid the need of replacement bars when pins wear.

    Bale Clamp Features (2)

    3 35mm Pivot Pins
    The hands & arms of the Rata Bale Clamp are secured to the main frame by large 35mm high tensile machine pins. These massive pins are supported by bushes in the frame & arm itself which maximizes the pin's supported area.

    Vertical nudge bars & equaliser bar

    4 Nudge Bars
    Rata Bale Clamps feature vertical nudge bars in which the bale rests along the back frame instead of horizontal bars or plates, the purpose of this is to accommodate the size & shape of any contour bale without wrap damage!


    Stratford farms bale clamp testimonial

    We do about 4,000 individual wrapped bales per year, so its important to us to have Rata softhands to handle them, as they are really reliable, they don't break and are definitely the best brand we've ever used!

    Because we've found Rata gear to be so reliable we also have multiple sets of their Bale Forks & Versatile Grapples as well!

    Gareth, Stratford Farms
    Rogan Borrie

    We've got 2 sets of Rata Bale Clamps that have done 80,000 bales between them, we decided to buy a 3rd set of Rata Bale Clamps because they are strong, reliable & we haven't had problems with the other ones.

    Very happy with all the Rata gear we've got & I'd recommend it to anyone, being strong & reliable for doing big numbers. 

    Rogan Borrie, Farmer

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