Rata Silage Grab Fendt

Silage Grab, Silage Sabre™

Rata Silage Grabs are ideal for high volume silage handling, the Rata Silage Grab has been the popular choice on NZ farms for many years due to its high quality build & ability to secure large amounts of silage & leave the stack or pit face clean.


    Why and what is the Rata Silage Grab?

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    Rata Silage Grabs are a multi-task attachment built to perform on your Tractor front end loader, Telehandler or Skid Steer!
    With the ability of a fork & the versatility of a grab, this attachment makes bulk silage and bale handling work easy! 
    Being manufactured from high tensile steel makes it the strongest Silage Grab of its type available on the Australian & New Zealand market!



    What Our Customers Have To Say

    Rata Silage Grab

    "Due to the size of the operation, we need gear that we can rely on to get the job done, stock need feeding when they need feeding. It's good to have something that we can depend on. We have about 14 sets of grabs".

    Jono Doig", Ashburton Dairy Farmer

    Silage Grab
    Rata Silage Grab Bales

    "From past experience, I have been very impressed with the durability and simplicity of operation. They have definitely helped me out this season. We are happy with the product and the Silage Grab has performed very well".

    Dan Jackson, Farmer

    Silage Grab
    Rata Silage Grab Feed Wagon

    "I work for Landcorp Farming, Rangataiki Station, we've been using Rata 2m Silage Grabs for the last 15 years".

    "Never had a problem with them and wouldn't look at another brand".

    Brendon Sylvestor, Farmer

    Silage Grab

    Product Interactive 3D Model

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    Genuine stamp

    20+ years of design, development, and improvement!

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    Over two decades of development, meaning the principal mistakes that you don't think about when purchasing have already been eliminated.


    Specifications and models

    Model (Code) Width (m) Capacity (m³) Weight (kg) Number of Base Tines
    ASG120 1.20 0.76 270 7
    ASG150 1.50 0.95 320 9
    ASG180 1.80 1.13 420 10
    ASG200 2.00 1.25 440 11
    ASG220 2.20 1.40 460 12 (Suitable for Telehandlers)
    ASG240 2.40 1.50 485 13 (Suitable for Telehandlers)
    ASG300 3.00 1.90 610 16 (Suitable for Telehandlers)




    Features & Benefits

    Ram and Top

    1 Powerful Hydraulic Rams
    All Rata Silage Grabs feature powerful hydraulic rams that bite through any silage stack and securely clamp the feed, all Silage Grabs have x2 rams apart from the ASG120 which has a single centre mounted ram.

    Looking Inside

    2 High Quality Tines
    Tines in Rata Silage Grabs are high quality and manufactured from silicium spring steel by a renowned German manufacturer, these tines are also supported with tapered conus bushes that provide extra support when under load.

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