Vogal 2120 Gearbox
Spare Parts Breakdown

Used on all Vogal single axle trailed bike spreaders

Maintenance Specifications


500ml (or until the gearbox is half full) of 80w-90 gear oil, drain and refill once a year.


When new, the gearbox comes filled with semi-fluid grease. This is why very little comes out if the drain plug is taken out. The semi-fluid grease is safe to be mixed with 80w-90 gear oil.

Exploded Parts Diagram

2120 Gearbox Exploded Diagram

Table of Parts

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No. Photo Code Description Notes
  2120-1 2120 Gearbox Complete Assembly  
1 1572 1572 6205 Bearing  
2 24mm 23.75mm Circlip   23.75mm ID Circlip Not available
3 Input Shaft   Input Shaft Not available
4 20230721_112406   Key Not available
5 2120 Shim   Shim Not available
6 2120 Keyed Gear   Keyed Gear Not available
7 2120 Keyed Gear Spacer   Key Gear Spacer Not available
8 1868 1868 Gearbox Seal  
9 2120 Roll Pin 5026 50x8mm Roll pin  
10 1869 1869 Gearbox Flange  
11 2120 Output Shaft   Output Shaft Not available
12 1679 1679 Felt Washer Oil soak before install
13 1901 1901 S/S Shaft Guard Attached with Stainless M6x16 bolt, washer & nyloc nut


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