Access Mole Plough Spare Parts Breakdown

Maintenance Specifications


General Purpose grease, grease points every month, or if the mole plough is not being used, once a year.

Parts Diagram

Access Mole Pluff Parts Diagram


Table of Parts

Part No. Description Notes
460014 Moleplough Headstock Pivot Headstock universal joint centre section, P25-155 to Headstock and P25-110 to Mainframe
460159 Mole Plough Revolving Plug Pin Joins 460128 to 460102-A and is attached to 460153 using 460118
460102-A HYAS Access Blade c/w 460153, 460142, 440104 & 460109
460153 Mole Plough Torpedo Welds to bottom of 460109
460142 Torpedo Tip Casting Welds to front of 460153
440104 Shin Guard - Ni hard Strip Welds to front of 460109, x2.3 per blade
460109 Access Mole Blade PROFILE New Aug 2018 Blade profile only - for complete blade see 460102-A
460128 Revolving Plug 3" Attaches to 460102-A using 460159, 4953, and 460118
460118 Plug Rivet - Rata Attaches 460159 to 460153
4953 3/4 Nut Nyloc UNC Zinc Locks onto standard nut on 460159 to hold 460128
460114 Blade Bush (Hard) Goes between 460102-A and 4764 – inside frame
460120 HYAS Access Top Link Bar Attached using 4764 x2 and 4753 x2
4764 M20x75 Bolt Zinc Attaches 460120
4753 M20 Nut Nyloc Zinc Attaches 460120
460006 HYAS Thread Adjuster Threads into 460007 and is attached with P25-95
460007 HYAS Access Blade Adjuster 460006 threads in and attached to blade with 4473 and 4453
4473 M12x50 Bolt Zinc Attaches 460007 to 460102-A
4453 M12 Nut Nyloc Zinc Attaches 460007 to 460102-A
460163 Ram Hyd Access Mole Plough Attached using P25-95
460011 HYAS Access Linkage Plate Assembly Attached to Mainframe, 460163 and 460006 using P25-95
201.046 D Shackles Galv 12mm Attaches 201.329 to Mainframe and Headstock
201.329 Chain 8mm PC Galv Long Link Attached using 201.046
5132 Grease Nipple  
P25-95 Machine Pins x4, 4361 holds head
P25-110 Machine Pins x1, 4365 holds head
P25-155 Machine Pins x1, 4361 holds head
1092 Lynch Pin 11mm B6 For S8861
S8861 Lower Link Pin Double Shear - Cat 2  
800017 35mm Standard Ducting Goes over chain
4361 M10x30 Bolt Zinc For Pins
4396 M10 Washer (21x1) Zinc For Pins
4353 M10 Nut Nyloc Zinc For Pins
4365 M10x35 Bolt Zinc For P25-110