Single Leg Ripper Spare Parts Breakdown

Maintenance Specifications


General Purpose grease, grease points every month, or if the ripper is not being used, once a year.

Parts Diagram

Single Leg Ripper Spare Parts Diagram


Table of Parts

Part No. Description Notes
PA50A Pipe laying attachment (up to 70 mm OD pipe) with removable front Optional Extra (retrofitable)
OPSK Optional Skieth Optional Extra (retrofitable)
S8861 Lower Link Pin Double Shear - Cat 2  
1092 Lynch Pin 11mm B6 For lower link pins
S272 Shaft Locking Pin 11mm Round 7/16 For stands
4765 M20x80 Bolt Zinc Attaches leg to frame
4753 M20 Nut Nyloc Zinc Attaches leg to frame
440116 Single Leg Ripper Leg c/w 150mm Wide Point Complete leg and foot assembly (no bolts)
460307 Single Leg Ripper 20mm Wear 400 Profile Needs 440104 and 440106 to be usable
5137 Roll Pin 10x50 Zinc Holds 440106 to 440103
440104 Shin Guard - Ni hard Strip Welds to front of 460307, x2 needed per leg
440103 Rata Subsoiler Toe 150 Wide Uses 5137 to attach to 440103
440106 Weld on foot Welds to 460307, holds 440103
460316 Slider Plate For PA50A
3558 M4 R Clips For PA50A
203070 Centrefold Wing Holder Pin For PA50A slider plate
4477 M12x60 Bolt Zinc Bolts PA50A to 440116
4453 M12 Nut Nyloc Zinc Bolts PA50A to 440116
104280 18" Plain Coulter For OPSK
104455 Sandwasher For OPSK, x2 needed
104425 Coulter Centre Hub For OPSK
104405 Coulter Axle For OPSK
4684 M16x180 Bolt & Nut Galv OPSK Axle Bolt
5156 M16 Spring Washer Galv – Heavy Duty OPSK Axle Bolt
4361 M10x30 Bolt Zinc Bolts 104280 to 104425
4353 M10 Nut Nyloc Zinc Bolts 104280 to 104425
5054A Grease Nipple 1/4 UNF Straight Goes into 104425