Subsoiler Spare Parts Breakdown

Maintenance Specifications


General Purpose grease, grease points every month, or if the aerator is not being used, once a year.

Parts Diagram

Subsoiler Spare Parts Breakdown


Table of Parts

Part No. Description Notes
403275 12mm U Bolt skeith clamp  
B312 Turnbuckle 400mm  
UCP208-24 UCP208-24  108D1 Bearing/Housing  
4977 3/4 x 4 1/2   UNC Bolt & Nut ZP  
104425 Coulter Centre Hub  
104280 18" Plain Coulter  
103301 Panerazor Coulter Stalk  
103302 Sub Soiler Coulter Forks  
S8861 Lower Link Pin Double Shear - Cat 2  
4361 M10x30 Bolt Zinc  
4353 M10 Nut Nyloc Zinc  
440114 Rata Subsoiler Leg C/W Toe  
5137 Roll Pin 10x50 Zinc  
440102 Rata Subsoiler Replaceable Toe Uses 5137 to attach
440103 Rata Ripper Replaceable Toe - 150mm wide Uses 5137 to attach
4684 M16x180 Bolt & Nut Galv  
4688 M16 Washer Spring Zinc  
3/4x31/2UNC 3/4 x 3 1/2 UNC ZP Bolt  
5134 Split Pin 8x80 Zinc  
104430 Coulter Centre Complete (Hub/sandwashers/axle/M16 & M10 Bolts & Nuts/grease nipple)  
4473 M12x50 Bolt Zinc Shear Bolt