Vogal TPL750 Spare Parts Breakdown

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Also known as Vogal TPL1000 (parts apart from the hopper suit TPL500)

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Exploded Parts Diagram

TPL750 Exploded Diagram


Maintenance Specifications


500ml (or until the gearbox is half full) of 80w-90 gear oil, drain and refill once a year.


General Purpose grease, grease points every month, or if the spreader is not being used, once a year.

Table of Parts

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No. Photo Code Description Notes Precursor
1 1093 1093 D Pin    
2 1094 1094 Shutter Lever Spring Grease contact surfaces (both ends)  
3 1085 1085 Lower Link Pin    
4 1651 1651 Tri Knob Female 8mm    
5 1092 1092 Lynch Pin    
6 1742 1742 Decal 11-0 TPL    
7 1750 1750 Decal 540 RPM Max    
8 3006 3006 Decal TPL750    
9 5042S Slash S 5042S/S Circlip 45mm external S/S    
10 SP100-003 SP100-003 Agitator Bush Recommend also purchasing item 5042S/S  
11 3136 3136 TPL Shutter Plate  

Jumbo p/n: 1922 (note 1)

12 SP136-008 SP136-008 Agitator

Consider also item SP100-003

Jumbo p/n: SP120-008 (note 1)

13 3375 3375 TPL Drive Shaft    
14 3378 3378 Hopper Yellow - 750L    
15 SP106-004 SP106-004 Front Hopper Bracket TPL    
16 SP100-035  33 SP100-035 Pointer    
17 SP106-005 SP106-005 Internal Hopper Brace TPL    
18 SP106-012 SP106-012 Shutter Lever TPL   Jumbo p/n SP120-012 (note 1)
19 SP136-006 Front SP136-006 Spinner Disc Complete Assembly    
19.1   SP136-005 Spinner Fin    
20 SP120-013 SP120-013 Shutter Lever Extension    
21 1645 1645 Grip Handle 25mm    
22 2715 2715 Serial Number Plate    
23 3139 3139 Gearbox RV10 Complete TPL 95mm wide Jumbo p/n 2123 (note 2)
23.1 1679 1679 Felt Washer Oil soak before use  
23.2 1901 1901 S/S Shaft Guard    
24 RATA30 RATA30 Vogal Warranty Sticker    
25 M TPL750 M TPL750 TPL750 User Manual    
26 V113


Cover w/ brace TPL    



Note 1:

Jumbo Hopper

Hoppers with two creases and not eccentric per the picture are known as Jumbo hoppers.

This hopper is found on TPL1000 models with a serial number of between 0 and 2000, and uses parts denoted Jumbo.

Note 2:

Old style 105mm wide gearbox, no longer available. Fit current gearbox (p/n 3139) by utilising the rear bolt hole (furthest from the tractor).

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