What Subsoil Aeration Does

How to breathe new life into your soils, and reintroduce an abundance of macropores.

What Subsoil Aeration Does


1 Ground Lift

By going through the subsoil at depth, Subsoil Aerators are able to lift the earth up, alleviating compaction and increasing macropores in the soil.


2 Drainage

Aerated, uncompacted soils allow for the speedy transition of surface water into underground reserves, relieving the soil of waterlogging & bogginess.


3 Moisture Retention

Fractured, loose soils allow precipitation to be absorbed into the subsoil where it is protected from evaporation, which can provide a valuable moisture resource for plants during a dry season.

Subsoil Aeration Diagram

4 Unimpeded Roots

Proper soil structure allows for vertical root growth, enabling access to a larger catchments of nutrients and previously unavailable subsoil moisture, offering both increased growth and resilience during droughts.

Soil Aeration Guide

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