Fertiliser Spreader Calibration

Find out how to calibrate your fertiliser spreader here

Why it's important to calibrate fertiliser spreaders

Calibrating a fertiliser spreader does not have to be hard or difficult, to make it easy we've created a helpful calculator that will tell you what flow rate you need to achieve your desired spread rate. Watch the video and follow the 4 easy steps to calibrate your fertiliser spreader!

Calibrating your fertiliser spreader is important for both economical and environmental reasons:


money-bag (1)Economic Reasons: By calibrating your fertiliser spreader you are spreading the exact amount you need. Too much fertiliser is wasted money as it's not taken up by the plant, and too little fertiliser results in less than anticipated yields.


forest (1)Environmental Reasons: When too much feritiliser is spread it leaches below the root zone and is lost, along with being an economic loss described above this can also causes soil acidification, or nitrate leaching.


How to calibrate your fertiliser spreader

Fertiliser spreader calibration video on tablet screen

1 Watch the video
Watch the video above where the overall process is explained.

Fertiliser spreader calibration calculator

2 Calculate flow rate
Calculate the required flow rate by filling out the 3 fields in the calculator below. Take the result that applies (single or twin disc spreader).

measure flow rate

3 Measure actual flow rate

Once you calculate the required flow rate in step 2, measure the 'actual' flow rate by catching all fertiliser that falls through the aperture in 1 minute. If this matches the rate calculated in step 2 your spreader is calibrated.

Note: Only measure one side on twin disc spreaders.

Vogal EX500 spreader aperture

4 Further Adjustments
If the actual flow rate does not match the required flow rate you will need to alter the aperture settings and measure again. Do this until actual flow rates matches the required rate given in the calculator.


00.00 kg/minute

00.00 kg/minute/side

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