1015 Multi Tiller



The Rata 1015 Multi Tiller has been designed to provide Farmers and Contractors with an implement that is capable of both Primary and Secondary cultivation all in the one machine,helping you to minimise passes. With a low centre of draft it has reduced the power requirements needed to operate the machine to levels which now make it compatible to operate with most standard Farm Tractors. With many purpose designed features we have achieved even stubble incorporation, level finishing and soil moisture retention with this machine to make it the most versatile cultivator in the Rata range. The 1015 Multi Tiller also comes standard with a rear draw bar enabling you to couple it with another implement with ease and consequently broadening your options for cultivation.

Features include: Fully hydraulic wing height adjustment, Super heavy duty rear draw bar, Two point linkage tractor mount, 150mm tine spacing's, 3.1m transport width, 750mm inter-row spacing's

Options include: Crumbler Rollers, Packer Rollers, Finger Tines, 6 - 8m wide, Various point designs.

Primary & Secondary cultivation in one machine


Working Width5.0m6.0m7.0m8.0m
Transport Width3.1m 3.1m 3.6m3.6m
Number of tines/td]

3340 46 53

Rata has the most popular silage gear in NZ,here’s why:

  • Correct placement of componentry
  • Massive strength throughout
  • High build coating
  • Value for money

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