Rata 1015 Multi Tiller at work in stubble

1015 Multi Tiller

The Rata 1015 Multi Tiller has been designed to provide Farmers and Contractors with an implement that is capable of both Primary and Secondary cultivation all in the one machine, helping to minimise passes.

With a low centre of draft it has reduced the power requirements needed to operate the machine to levels which now make it compatible to operate with most standard Farm Tractors.

With many purpose designed features we have achieved even stubble incorporation, level finishing and soil moisture retention with this machine to make it the most versatile cultivator in the Rata range.

The 1015 Multi Tiller also comes standard with a rear draw bar enabling you to couple it with another implement with ease and consequently broadening your options for cultivation.


    Model (Code) Working Width Transport Width (m) Number of Tines
    1015MT16 4.87m (16ft) 3.1 33
    1015MT20 6.00m (20ft) 3.1 40
    1015MT25 7.62m (25ft) 3.6 46
    1015MT30 9.14m (30ft) 3.6 53
    Note: Rear finger tines available in place of rear packer rollers

    Features & Benefits

    Hyd Wheel & Arm Lift

    1 Hydraulic Control
    Transport wheels, Wing wheels & Wing fold is all powered by high quality NZ made hydraulic rams, this makes the 1015 easy and simple to operate from the cab of the tractor.

    Hydraulic depth control switch on Rata 1015 Multi Tiller

    2 Hydraulic Depth Switch
    An automatic depth switch is fitted to the transport wheel cylinders for automatic depth control. When activated it stops the wheels lifting further up, this in turn prevents the cultivator going deeper than its maximum working depth.

    Turnbuckle adjusters for rear tines or rollers

    3 Turnbuckle Adjusters
    The rear packer rollers or finger tines (whichever is fitted to the machine) are easily adjusted via turnbuckle adjusters. This provides an easy and simple way to control the working depth of the rear finishing attachment.

    1015 Multi Tiller tines

    4 Heavy Duty 'S' Tine
    1015 Multi Tillers feature large two piece 'S' tines, these tines are capable of chipping up the hardest of ground while also providing the perfect seed bed with its high level of vibratory action.

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