Excavator Pallet Fork

The Rata Excavator Pallet Forks are an ideal attachment to add to your excavator attachment line up. They are great for handling pallets, poles and pipes. Especially if you are loading trucks and on construction sites where access and space is premium.

These pallet forks are made in New Zealand so can be custom built to suit your excavator size and quick coupler connection.


    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.


    Pallet Fork Specifications

    Standard Model (Code) Description Weight (kg) Recommended Excavator Size
    AWPF8 1.8 ton capacity adjustable pallet forks. Class 2 forks 185 3 to 6 ton
    AWPF25  2.5 ton capacity adjustable pallet forks. Class 2 forks 250 5 to 8 ton

    The Excavator Pallet Forks Features & Benefits

    Rata AWPF8 Class 2 Carriage

    1 Class 2 Forklift Carriage
    The adjustable width pallet forks are mounted onto a standard sliding rail that allows the forks to be locked into position and are held at the top and the heel of the forks.

    Rata AWPF8 Solid Forks

    2 Solid Forged Forks
    Rata uses professionally made solid forged forklift forks that are rated and stamped.

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