Vogal Easy Pour


Do you need an easier way to dispense bulk bags? Vogal Easy-Pour could be your answer.

Vogal Easy-Pour means you do not have to use the entire bulk bag when you open it, simply place the bag on top of the Easy-Pour unit to pierce the bag, then dispense to contents into your fertiliser spreader at your leisure.

Made from stainless steel for durability in highly corrosive environments such as fertiliser.


    Why the Easy Pour?

    7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Easy way to dispense bulk bags on demand 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Spike and pour action 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Made from stainless steel





    Model (Code) Description
    V121 Easy-Pour bulk bag dispenser spike

    Features & Benefits

    1 Easy Bag Dispensing
    Easy-Pour bulk bag dispensers simply spike into the bag for you to dispense on demand via the dispenser gate.
    2 Made From Stainless Steel
    Easy-Pours are made from stainless steel apart from the 'tabs' that hold it in the bag, this gives it great corrosion resistant properties.

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