Cone Spreader in Vineyard

*NEW PRODUCT* Vortex Spreader

The Newly developed and innovative Vogal Vortex Spreader is designed to spread products that either have a high moisture (up to 35%) content or can be very dry/powdery and bridge over the spreader's apertures; such as lime and gypsum.


    What is the *NEW* Vortex Spreader?

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    With a very slow rotating agitator, the Vortex Spreader keeps the flow of product, despite up to 35% specific moisture. This system also improves the consistency of flow for other types of granular fertiliser, reducing granules being broken. The multi-position aperture adjustment means low applications of expensive fertiliser can be obtained and accurately spread.
    • Spread width with duel banding kit: 2.0m-5 width
    • Frame and hopper protective coating: blasted + electro zinc spray + zinc primer + enamel top coat
    • All stainless-steel fastners and shutter plastes + agitator
    • Oil filled gearbox

    Vortex Spreader Specifications

    Hopper Capacity 800L
    Overall Width 1200mm
    Loading Height 1300mm
    Spreader Weight 350kg
    Spreading discs Twin disc

    The Vortex Spreaders Features & Benefits

    Vortex Spreader 3PL Frame

    1 Robust Frame
    The 3PL and main frame is made from a 10mm thick profile plate and engineered to be capable of carrying a 1000kg load.

    Vortex Spreader Gearbox

    2 Twin Disc
    The twin gearbox drive system from the PTO offers a strong drive connection to the twin spreading discs.

    Genuine NZ Made Product

    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement Designed and made in New Zealand.



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