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Bale Clamp (Compact)

Rata Compact Bale Clamps are the ideal attachment for handling your mini wrapped bales! made to suit low hp tractors and handle round or square mini wrapped bales.

This compact wrapped bale grab is based on the same design as the standard Rata Wrapped Bale Clamp but just scaled down.

This mini bale handler is popular among lifestylers, equestrian and other operators who handle large numbers of mini bales.

This compact bale handler is ideal for tractors in the 25hp to 80hp range.


    Model (Code) WBC004
    Open Width (m) 1.0
    Weight (kg) 100
    Lift Capacity (kg) 400

    Features & Benefits

    Gusseting on Bale Clamp

    1 Heavy Duty Build
    Rata Bale Clamps incorporate several features to make them the toughest Wrapped Bale Grabs on the market. Heavy duty steel plate & gusseting such as the above picture ensure great reliability & high lift capacity!

    Nudge Bars

    2 Nudge Bars
    Rata Compact model Bale Clamps also feature the vertical nudge bars such as the standard model does, this enables operators to handle round & square mini bales with ease without damage to the wrap.

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