Bulk Buckets


Rata manufacture big buckets for loose material handling such as bark, palm kernel, compost, mulch and much more. Buckets can be made to suit most telehandlers and wheel loaders. There is an option of having a double bevel bolt-on cutting edge for extra wear capacity, all buckets come standard with high tensile wear strips on the base and up the front of the sides.

For Minimum machine capacity, please contact us as we have a list of material weights and can calculate the best size bucket for you.

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Super Size Buckets
Series SSB220 SSB240
Width(m) 2.2 2.4
Approx Weight (KG) 700780
Capacity (m3) 2.9 3.1
Extra Large Size Buckets
Series XLSB220 XLSB220
Width(m) 2.2 2.4
Approx Weight (KG) 750 830
Capacity (m3) 3.2 3.5
Extra Size Buckets
Series XSB220 XSB240
Width(m) 2.2 2.4
Approx Weight (KG) 650 700
Capacity (m3) 1.9 2.1

Rata manufactures the most popular Bulk Buckets in NZ, here’s why:

  • Considerable experience
  • Hardwearing edges and high quality steel plate
  • Huge range of options
  • High volume buckets for huge quantitys
  • Over 30 years experience

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