Lifting Jib

Certified Lifting Jib

Rata Certified Lifting Jibs are the safest attachment for handling construction components, from a single chain or wire rope. Beams or concrete moulds can be lifted into position with precision. The lifting jibs can be made to individual requirements and also to fit almost any loader or telehandler.



    Model (Code) Weight (kg) Capacity (kg) Reach Length (m)
    LJ250 250 2,500 2.4
    LJ300 220 3,000 0.6
    LJ600 260 6,000 0.6

    Features & Benefits


    1 Lifting Hook
    Rata Certified Lifting Jibs come standard with a lifting hook. This enables you to handle just about any material via a chain or wire rope.

    Cert Plate

    2 Independently Certified
    Every Rata Lifting Jib is independently certified by external engineers, this enables you to work with peace of mind knowing your Rata Lifting Jib complies with all legal & engineering standards.

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