770x430 Funnel Bucket

Funnel Bucket

The Rata Equipment Funnel Bucket is designed to make filling bags and transferring materials faster, easier & safer. Fertiliser, Sand, Gravel, Stone, Grain, and most materials can be handled with ease by the Rata Funnel Bucket.

Rata Funnel Buckets have become a popular attachment for loading seed drills, fertiliser spreaders & helicopter hoppers where reliability & safety is paramount.

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    Model (Code) Width (m) Capacity (L) Capacity (m³)
    FB750H 1.5 750 0.75
    FB1500H 2.1 1,500 1.50
    FBS Optional Bolt on front skirt

    Features & Benefits

    Hydraulic Actuated Chute of Rata Industries Funnel Bucket

    1 Hydraulic Actuator
    Rata Funnel Buckets feature a fully hydraulic actuation system powered by the Loader or Telehandlers 3rd service, this enables you to load & discharge the material without having to leave the Tractor or Telehandlers cab 

    High Tensile Cutting edge of a Rata Equipment Funnel Bucket

    2 Wear Protection
    Cutting edges on the Rata Funnel Bucket are made of high tensile wear resistant steel to ensure a long abrasion resistant life, the buckets side edges & base also feature wear strips to prevent wear to the bucket skin itself.

    Bag Holder Arms

    3 Bag Holder Arms
    Rata Funnel Buckets come standard with bag holder arms, these are useful for dispensing product such as seed or fertiliser into bulk bags, simply scoop a bucket full - hook the bag on & dispense! these are also removable if not required.

    Flexible Canvas Chute

    4 Flexible Canvas Chute
    A flexible canvas chute ensures material is dispensed accurately with minimum spillage or waste. The flexible nature of the canvas helps to get the product as close to the receiving machine/object without damage from the bucket.

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