Hay Hauler

Rata Hay Haulers are an essential hay bale transporter to have. If you are transporting bales from off the paddock to the wrapper, truck or storage area you can save considerable time & fuel by transporting more bales at a time & get the job done sooner.

Hay Haulers are especially handy in rolling hill country where trucks or even tractors with trailers have trouble in wet conditions. The Hay Hauler is also an awesome counter weight for tractors with front end loaders, so you can transport bales on the front as well!


    Model (Code) Weight (kg) Capacity (kg) Minimum HP
    HDHH250 440 4,000 115

    Features & Benefits

    20180226_091357 Gusseting and Bracing (1)

    1 Gusseting & Bracing
    Hay Haulers feature a frame with extensive gusseting and bracing, this helps to make it as strong and rigid as possible and prevent fatigue.

    20180226_092645 Powerful Ram (1)

    2 Powerful Ram
    The hydraulic ram fitted to Hay Haulers is powerful enough to easily cope with the heaviest load of silage bales!

    20180226_091343 Easy Grease Access

    3 Easy Grease Access
    All grease points on the Rata Hay Hauler are protected from other objects yet easily accessed to make grease jobs as easy and fast as possible.

    Heavy duty build of Rata Hay Haulers

    4 Heavy Duty Build
    Rata Hay Haulers are built heavy and tough, features such as the twin RHS box section frame help to make this the toughest and most rigid hay hauler available.

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