Front end loader quick hitch made by Rata Industries

Loader Quick Hitch

Rata's front end loader quick mounting tool carrier, hitch/adaptors are made to suit almost any brand of loader or type of material handler. They can be made to go directly onto the machine as a quick hitch or onto the existing quick hitch as an adaptor. Simple, easy and jam resistant, a great back saver.

"This is the best attachment I have on the Farm, I wish I had it 30 years ago" - Farmer, Canterbury


    Model (Code) Description
    FELQH2 One side different to the other - E.g MX loader to Euro, 3PL to Begg etc
    TELQH Telehandler adapter to pick up Euro hitch - E.g JCB or Merlo to pick up Euro hitch

    Features & Benefits

    Strong design of Rata Loader Quick Hitch

    1 Design & Build Accuracy
    Rata Loader and Telehandler Quick Hitches are built to high accuracy. With less than millimeters to spare its important the quick hitch is designed and built to perfection.

    Jam resistant spring system

    2 Jam Resistant
    All Rata Quick Hitches feature a jam resistant spring system, the springs also ensure there is constant 'closed' pressure to keep the pins in the lock position.

    Rata Quick Hitches are simple and easy to use

    3 Functional Designs
    Functionality is first and foremost in the design of a Rata Quick Hitch, this makes them simple and easy to use without any complicated parts.

    Optional Auto Latch for Euro hitch loaders

    4 Optional Auto Latch
    An optional 'Auto-Latch' system is also available on Euro hitch loader quick hitches (to pick up Euro). Simply open the pins and when you pick up the attachment the hitch will set itself ready for use.

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