IMG_9689 Push Off Buck Rake on Valtra

Push Off Buck Rake

Rata Push-off Buck Rakes are made for high horse power tractors, and continuous performance. The 3 metre model is only available to fit to front or rear three point linkage but the 2.4 metre can be made to fit to almost any large front end loaders.The push off buck rake requires little maintenance with high strength nylon rollers and one hydraulic ram. Conus 2 forged spring steel tines have been proven for many years and are easy to replace.  All pivot pins are high tensile and have fully greasable bushes. Side tines can be added as an option when ordering.

"For well-fermented silage, efficiency is needed when working on the stack"


    Model (Code) Width (m) Weight (kg) Tine Details Minimum HP
    HS240 2.4 620 13 x conus 2 1240mm 130
    HS300 3.0 700 16 x conus 2 1240mm 180
    HS350 3.5 765 19 x conus 2 1240mm 215
    HSST Optional Side Tines

    Features & Benefits

    High tensile pins & easy grease access

    1 High Tensile Greaseable Pins
    All pins on the Rata Push Off Buck Rake are high tensile zinc plated steel. All pins and bushes are greaseable to ensure smooth operation and minimum wear. All grease points are easily accessed.

    HD Nylon Rollers on Rata Grass Fork

    2 Heavy Duty Nylon Rollers
    Heavy duty nylon rollers are another feature that make this Buck Rake stand out, they help to minimise maintenance requirements over the lifetime of the Rake & ensure smooth operation without the need of frequent greasing.

    Flat face & mesh top

    3 Great Vision & Retention
    Generally great vision means lost product, and great retention means lost vision. This has been overcome by making the base of the frame solid where the bulk of the material is, and have made the top half out of mesh, this still retains the product but whilst giving great operator vision.

    Scissor Action

    4 Scissor Action Push Off
    The scissor action of the Rata Push Off Buck Rake ensures smooth and reliable operation, it also means only one hydraulic ram is required to power the attachment which reduces maintenance requirements.

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