Silage/Bale Combo

Rata combo forks are ideal for handling bales and pit silage, using one simple frame. The bale tines can be taken out for loose silage handling and replaced with the silage tines removed for bales.


    Model (Code) Width (m) Number of Silage Tines Number of Bale Tines
    C120 1.20 7 2
    C150 1.50 9 2
    C180 1.80 10 2

    Features & Benefits

    Rata SHW Silage tines

    1 High Quality Tines
    As with every other Rata fork or grab that utilises bale and silage tines, the Silage/Bale fork combo features high quality tines sourced from a renown German manufacturer, these tines are made from silicium spring steel.

    Conus bush support for bale and silage tines in Rata forks and grabs

    2 Conus Bush Tine Support
    As well as having the highest quality tines, the tines are supported in the heavy RHS frame by tapered conus bushes. This prevents slogging in the fork base and ensures maximum support for the tines.

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