Tuskan Bale Handler

It's the first feed handling device of its type in the world. It lets you clamp, lift and turn the bale on its side - so you can cut the hay bale strings well away from the mixer.

You can then re-clamp and drop the bale in to the mixer from the comfort and safety of the tractor cab or loader seat. it can be used both as a clamp and as a fork - with four tines laid out in a 2x2 formation for better stability. The Tuskan Bale Handler can be made to suit almost any loader or telehandler.

This product is made under license here in New Zealand by Rata Equipment.


    Model (Code) Weight (kg) Tine Travel (mm) Tine Lengths (m)
    TUS250 390 900 - 2750 0.98, 1.10 or 1.20
    Note: 1.2m tines are standard

    Features & Benefits

    Twin hydraulic rams

    1 Twin Hydraulic Rams
    Tuskan Bale Handlers feature twin hydraulic rams to power each hand. This ensures the full power of each ram goes into squeezing each hand independently to securely hold the heaviest of bales.

    Heavy Duty Build of Rata Tuskan Bale Handler

    2 Heavy Duty Build
    The Tuskan Bale Handler has a very heavy duty build, with large and thick RHS box section framing, extensive gusseting and heavy pins and bushes to make sure it gets the job done.

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