Rata Action Mole Plough

Action Mole Plough

Rata Hydraulic Action mole ploughs are designed for fast, efficient sub soil drainage where a suitable clay subsoil is found. Leaving a very clean entry and exit from the ground, the long robust frame with a full floating headstock allows for ground contour following.

Action Mole Ploughs are ideal for use in heavy clay soil where the tractor's 3 Point Linkage alone cannot lift the mole from the ground, the blade on the Action Mole Plough moves forward to point upwards so you can simply drive it out.

Action Mole Ploughs are equipped with the Quickleg™ blade.

Designed to transfer ground water to field tiles or open drains in soils.


    Model (Code) Description Max Working Depth (mm)
    HYAN Hydraulic Action Mole Plough c/w Quickleg™ blade & plug 450

    Features & Benefits

    Rata Quickleg blade for Mole Ploughs

    1 Quickleg™ Blade
    The Quickleg™ blade design is a standard feature on Rata Mole Ploughs. Quickleg blades remove the need for pasture pre-cutters due to its unique self cleaning design. This enables you to mole plough faster and turn corners!

    Revolving plug on Rata Mole Plough

    2 Revolving Plug
    The mole drain is created by this 75mm cast and hardened plug. This mole plug has the ability to revolve and float which ensures even wearing and allows it to follow natural contours of the ground.

    WInged Ni-hard point on Rata Mole Ploughs

    3 Ni-hard Winged Point
    The leading edge of the Mole Plough is this cast Ni-hard winged point. Being cast Ni-hard ensures high wear resistance in abrasive soils while the point wings help get & keep the leg and plug into the ground.

    Rata Mole Plough frame

    4 Twin RHS Frame
    Rata Mole Plough's feature a heavy duty twin RHS box section frame with extensive gusseting and bracing, this twin RHS frame prevents twisting and flex while in the ground as found with other mole plough types.

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