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Single Leg Ripper

The single leg ripper has a number of uses, making this tool a well purchased asset. They include subsoil drainage, tree planting and pipe laying. With 20mm high tensile shear bolt leg protection and super strong frame this ripper will last the test of time.

Ripping deep pans and laying alkathene pipe.


    Model (Code) Description Working Depth (mm)
    SLRP Single Leg Ripper with 20mm thick AR450 blade 500


    Code Description
    PA50A Pipe laying attachment for up to 70mm OD pipe (not including fittings) with removable front
    OPSK Skieth/Coulter for pasture pre-cutting

    Features & Benefits

    Wide ripper foot for Rata Single Leg Rippers

    1 Wide Ripper Foot
    The wide foot on Rata Single Leg Rippers helps to break and lift the ground, this is held onto the leg mount with a roller pin for ease of replacement when worn, this also enables the operator to switch out different feet.

    Rata Single Leg Ripper frame construction

    2 Heavy Duty Build

    Single Leg Rippers feature twin RHS frame construction with extensive gusseting and plating to provide high strength. This ensures it can be pulled through heavy ground without issues.

    Ripper leg mounting on Rata Single Leg Ripper

    3 Shear Bolt Protection
    The 20mm Ripper legs are protected with 20mm shearbolts, this ensures that the Ripper will pull through heavy ground but still be protected in the case of obstacles being encountered.

    Rata Single Leg Ripper storage stand and heavy linkages

    4 Heavy Linkages
    The Single Leg Ripper is mounted to the tractor via heavy duty plate linkages that can put up with harsh conditions. Also seen in this picture is the stand to make storage safer and re-hitching easier.


    John Howard Farmer

    I've got one of these beasts and it certainly makes pipe or underground cable laying easy. I also hitch it to the back of my old 2 leg Vogal subsoiler and it makes my subsoiling even quicker

    John Howard, Farmer

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