RATA Spreader 120 - 5213 Cropped

Fertilizer & Mag Spreader - The Spreadmax 120

Designed to spread causmag, urea, grass seed and various other types of fertiliser.

The unique drive system ensures trouble free and reliable operation, whilst the extra wide wheel base ensures operator safety and stability, particularly on hillsides.

Representing exceptional value for money.


    Model (Code) Capacity Max Spread Width Dry Weight Overall Width Loading Height
    795.SX120 120L (80kg Urea) Causmag: 3m
    Urea: 12m
    83kg 1,500mm 1,090mm

    Features & Benefits

    Vogal spreadmax 120 hopper and side arms

    1 Heavy Duty Hopper
    Vogal Spreadmax 120 hoppers are made from thick heavy duty UV resistant plastic to hope with the harsh extremes in the New Zealand environment and are braced with solid galvanised steel side arms.

    High quality tow hitch for vogal spreaders

    2 Quality Tow Coupling
    Vogal Spreadmax 120 fertiliser spreaders feature a heavy duty galvanised steel tow coupling, this ensures it has sufficient strength and durability to pull heavy loads in harsh conditions.

    Multiple spinner fins on Spreadmax 120

    3 Multiple Spinner Fins
    Spreadmax 120 spreaders feature six fins on the spreading disc to ensure optimal spreading of both powdered products such as Causmag and lime flour along with standard prilled fertilisers.

    Triangular Apertures on Vogal Spreadmax 120

    4 Dual Triangular Apertures
    Dual triangular apertures enable the even spreading of a vast arry of fertilisers and also grass seeds! Note the agitator has been removed to show the hardened steel bush in place of a corrosion prone bearing.



    1 Mudguards

    These optional galvanised steel mudguards simply bolt onto the spreader frame to help keep dirt and mud of the operator while in operation.


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